#WW Tip: The Venue Search

Availendar: #WW Tip - The Venue Search
Welcome to our Wedding Wednesday Tip! Every week we will share a few tips as you are planning or attending a wedding. Since we are pretty focused on availability around here, I figured we should kick off this blog series about finding available venues!
When searching for your dream venue, here is a quick list of tips to help guide you through the process.
I would never make my guests travel further than _______. Narrow down locations based on where your guests are coming from and how many will need to stay overnight based on your location.
Which of the following best describes your dream wedding style? Start to learn the terminology that describes what you are looking for and research accordingly.
– classic, romantic and elegant
– rustic
– modern, clean and simplistic
– alternative
The ideal weather would be _______. I used to hate when brides would come to me and say they don’t care about the date and then I would spend days searching for availability just to have them turn around and say, “I want a fall wedding”. At least narrow down to a season or roughly 4 month timeframe to help with your search.
Most venues take one of two approaches (sometimes both) in regards to pricing:
1. Per person: a venue that has in-house catering may charge you a per person food and beverage price or say you must meet a certain dollar amount as a food and beverage minimum.
2. Venue rental: A flat fee for renting out the space – either per room or for the whole venue.
You should inquire about other possible fees including coat check and attendants, other staffing, parking, set up and breakdown, security, rentals (using their tables, chairs & linens), end time (will they charge you if you keep partying).
After you have narrowed down the above, you can start to search  for the perfect available venue. Availendar can help connect you with the availability calendars of venues. We are currently in beta in NYC but hope to be in more cities very soon. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@availendar.com.
Happy planning!

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