Fashion Friday: Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses

From vibrant yellow lace to floral print chiffon, today we’re bringing you a few of our favorite colorful bridesmaid dresses (that your ‘maids will thank you for!). These fancy frocks are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a tropical beach affair or an elegant country club soirée. Shop on, ladies!

Availendar: Colorful Bridesmaid DressesShop these items: J. Crew, BHLDN, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Nordstrom, BHLDN, J. Crew.

So how can Availendar help you? Availendar is an online tool for connecting brides and planners to the calendars of their favorite vendors. Sign up for free here!


Wedding Wednesday: Romantic Mint + Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Chic and understated, today’s Romantic Mint + Ivory color palette is a timeless combination with endless possibilities. Incorporating refreshing colors, a bit of sparkle and a touch of wood, it’s perfect for an elegant outdoor affair.

Availendar: Romantic Mint + Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Image credits: Invitation, place setting, wedding gown, cake, bouquet, bridesmaid dress, necklace, centerpiece

Vendor Spotlight: Mel Barlow & Co.

Mel Barlow & Co. is a boutique destination photography collective based in Brooklyn, NY but available worldwide. With experience shooting in Greece, Morocco, The Philippines and Ireland as well as small towns all over the US, they use natural light to unobtrusively document your love story. To see Mel Barlow & Co.’s calendar, sign up for Availendar here!

Availendar: Mel Barlow & Co.

Availendar: Mel Barlow & Co.

Availendar: Mel Barlow & Co.

Availendar: Mel Barlow & Co.

Availendar: Mel Barlow & Co.

Fashion Friday: Bridal Baubles

Finding the perfect gown is important, but your wedding day accessories truly complete the look. Whether you’re all about statement sparkles or want to keep things simple and elegant, today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Bridal Baubles to be worn on your wedding day and beyond!

Availendar: Bridal Baubles

Shop these items:

1. Shopbop, 2. Shopbop, 3. Piperlime, 4. Nordstrom, 5. Piperlime, 6. J. Crew, 7. Piperlime, 8. Piperlime, 9. J.Crew, 10. Nordstrom

Still need help finding your dress? Check out our favorite Wedding Gowns Under $1000!

Wedding Wednesday: Coral, Peach + Blush Wedding Inspiration

With the frigid temperatures of Janus showing no signs of mercy here in New York (it feels like -11, people!) I’m beyond ready for Spring. Popsicles in champagne, breezy dresses and a warm color palette of coral, peach and blush should do the trick.

Coral, Peach + Blush Wedding Inspiration

Image credits: Bouquets, wedding gown, earrings, tablescape, invitation, popsicles, bridesmaid, cake

Vendor Spotlight: Ryan & Heidi Studio

With the perfect blend of instinct and spontaneity, Ryan & Heidi Studio artistically captures the love and details of your wedding day. Based in New York City but available for destination weddings world wide, this husband and wife duo have grown into a small team of talented photographers and cinematographers. Using light, shadows and negative space Ryan & Heidi Studio will perfectly capture the intimacy and romance of your big day.

Ryan & Heidi Studio

Ryan & Heidi Studio

Ryan & Heidi Studio

Ryan & Heidi Studio

To see Ryan & Heidi Studio’s availability, check out their calendar here!

Happy Birthday, Availendar!

Thank you for visiting the Availendar blog! Welcome to our inaugural post which means that our site has officially launched and Availendar is…..available!

I have spent the last seven years planning high-end events all over the world for business professionals, PR firms and couples alike. Living in New York City for the past five years, I have worked with incredible vendors in the event industry and although I absolutely love the thrill and challenge of planning an event, I found myself waking up every day saying, “Houston, we have a problem!”

So, what’s the problem you ask?

We live in a world where chinese food, movie tickets and check deposits are one click away on your phone; however, when planning the most important day of someone else’s life, I spent hours on the phone requesting availability and waiting to hear back leaving myself and my clients on pins and needles until we were able to make sure the venue, photographer and any other important vendors they wanted all lined up on a particular date.

I just couldn’t understand why something that has been happening since the dawn of man is still subjected to this antiquated process. (Did cavemen get married? Maybe that’s the origin of the saying “look at the size of that rock!”)

Recently married friends as well as people who make their livelihood from the event industry were all complaining about the process so I decided to make a change. I have packed my virtual backpack, moved on from my awesome role with David Tutera to set out on this mission to solve this problem and make lives easier.

How is Availendar the solution?

Great question! Very simply, Availendar grants event planners access to the calendars of reputable vendors in the industry.  In just a few clicks a planner can discover if a particular venue is available on the desired date.

For those of you that enjoy a good checklist…

A planner can:

  1. Search for vendors
  2. View availability
  3. Place a 72-hour soft hold which alerts the vendor of your interest
  4. Connect with the vendor
  5. Move to contract and repeat

Planners will have profiles that allow them to manage their vendors within multiple events and keep track of all soft holds. Each planner can also create an “a-list” quick rolodex of the vendors they use most often.

Availendar is NOT an inspiration site…I am pretty sure there are enough of those out there. Availendar IS the place you go when you want to take action towards planning an event. When you find yourself asking, “I wonder if this place or person is available?”, then Availendar steps out donning a fashionable cape and saves the day.

For vendors,

Availendar saves time fielding the many emails and calls about availability and simply helps you book unsold dates in less time. It is a sales and marketing tool all wrapped in a simple profile that is easy to maintain. This allows you to spend more time on great customer service or perfecting your craft. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I hear it’s a private party….

Availendar is launching a free Beta rollout for select planners, venues, photographers and videographers. They will then invite the people they work with most often and we will quickly grow from there.

If you are interested in helping us mold this site to be exactly what the industry needs, click here to request an invite to the Beta group. It’s going to be fun….I plan a great party.

Thanks for stopping by!